Understanding God’s Invitation

What exactly is an invitation? 

Dictionary.com says an Invitation is: The act of inviting, the written or spoken form, something offered and something to consider. Synonyms would be request, appeal, call, petition or bid. 

There are many kinds of invitations. Just like all the invitations we receive, we can accept or decline. We can receive several invitations in the mail. Those inviting us to attend “free” seminars on retirement, real estate, and life insurance are immediately thrown away. But the invitation to a gathering honoring a longtime friend, to meet a friend for coffee or to meet for Supper Club cause us to reply immediately, “Yes! I accept.” 

Invitation + Desire = Acceptance. 

At the Sublime Soiree we want to invite you to the greatest invitation. Let us explain.

We often think of eternal life as beginning when we die. In reality, it begins the moment we are created. This one life we all have is forever! The question is where we want to spend it. God’s invitation to spend eternal life with Him is the greatest invitation of all, because it not only tells us where we celebrate life, but also how! All through scripture we see invitations to come to Him.

Sue and Linda both have personal testimonies on how they accepted God’s invitation. To learn more, visit their bios in the About section of our website. Or, maybe you are asking, “How do I accept God’s invitation?”  We invite you to discover more by clicking here.

Billy Graham once said, “Being a Christ follower is more than just an instantaneous conversion: it is a daily process whereby you grow to be more and more like Christ.” The greatest invitation we can receive is to spend everlasting life with God through faith in His Son Jesus Christ, who died to pay the penalty for our sins and rose from the grave three days later to conquer sin and death once and for all!  Saying yes to that invitation leads you into a sublime life daily and the ultimate celebration. This is not saying that life is one big party, but that even amidst life’s most difficult realities we can have joy. Because when we accept God’s first invitation, He invites us into so much more! We have created a beautiful printable of Christ’s many invitations that we would love to share with you! To request a copy for yourself, click on the “Blog” tab on our homepage, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, enter your e-mail address, and hit “Subscribe.” We will send out your printable right away!  

We also invite you to come back to the blog on April 22nd, where we will unpack even more invitations from Jesus that can help us all live free above the fray.

Lastly, if something we shared resonated with you today please email us. If you have accepted God’s invitation, we would love to pray for you and to send you some information to help you grow in your walk with Jesus. 

Sublimely yours,

Sue and Linda

— The Sublime Soiree © April 19, 2021

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