Ideas on Sharing and Extending the Invitation

This month we have been talking about The Invitation, and on Monday we shared a video of several simple activities you can do to invite others into your life and into God’s family. Today, we want to unpack some more creative ways to extend God’s invitation. We want a life that says welcome. From Pansies to Zucchini bread on the giving plate to a beautiful cake from a local bakery and a note, we want to share other ideas with you on how we can reach out to our friends, neighbors and new acquaintances. We have organized these tips by size – from one-on-one ideas to thoughts for larger groups. Feel free to print these off and keep in a handy place to give you an easy reference you can choose from regularly. And do let us know how you employ some of these ideas yourself!

One on One — What might we do to make a connection with one other person? Here are a few ideas that we have used. Maybe incorporate one of them into your plans today.

  • A walk in a metro park or a coffee date
  • Meet at the health club for an hour of exercise
  • Go to a friend’s house with a coffee or meal in hand 
  • Buy plants with a friend and put together fun pots for your home
  • Cook anything together 
  • Deliver plants to new neighbors
  • Make a meal for someone who is home sick or welcoming a new baby
  • Invite a family over for dinner at the last minute
Photo by Timothy Barlin on Unsplash

Neighborhood or group of people

  • Host a Christmas Tea or Open House, inviting others into your home to build relationships and share your life and Jesus. Include Christmas games, prizes, or a question box as a get-to-know-you.
  • Hold an Easter Brunch and have a friend share a talk with the group and provide many yummy treats.
  • Plan a neighborhood Easter egg hunt
  • Organize a first day of School meet up at the Mall OR take a wagon filled with goodies to the bus stop on the first day of school.
  • Enjoy a cookout or progressive dinner with neighbors and have everyone bring something to share.
  • Invite friends over to make soup; each person makes a few kinds of soup. Buy containers and share a little of each soup with everyone. Fun and interactive!
  • Host a freezer meal day
  • Create a themed night with friends
  • Go on a group bike ride
  • Invite women to a girls’ movie night
  • Take a trip to a tearoom
  • Have a couple or family over for a game night
  • Organize a neighborhood block party
  • Gather for an essential oils, clothing party or journaling event
  • Host a paint night with friends
  • Start a book club or Bible study
  • Host a gathering at a metro park with families — everyone brings a dish to share and board games to play, and go on a hike
  • Pull together a prayer group with the school or with friends for your children and families
  • Have a card-making party with friends

Also, you may want to go back and watch our interview with NY Times Best Selling Author Karen Ehman, which we debuted on February 15, 2021. Karen shared ideas from her book, Make their Day: 101 Simple, Powerful Ways to Love Others Well. You can watch that interview here. In the meantime, here are just a few ideas from Karen’s book. You’ll have to get the full details by purchasing a copy for yourself!

  • Throw a surprise sleepover
  • Host a sort of Spa party
  • Become a Bible reading buddy 
  • Host a get away
  • Gift a Teacup bundle 
  • Pull together a starter kit for a loaf of friendship bread

And here is one more tip. Our church has a ministry called One Plate. Basically, the idea is to add one more plate to your dinner table and invite an international student who is living far away from family. By inviting them, you not only are giving them a home away from home that night, but you also are introducing them to American customs while learning about theirs as well! What fun!

Many of the ideas shared today are not new, but God may encourage you to use an idea in a new way! Our hope is that you will be inspired to implement one of these ideas and invite someone into fellowship with the opportunity to share Christ’s invitation. May God bless you as you employ these or your own ideas to share God’s love and invite people into His sanctuary.

— The Sublime Soiree © April 26, 2021

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