Dressing my Frame: A Tool of the 2022 Winter Closet Outfit Planner

I recently purchased my third Closet Outfit Planner from Style by Color, and I love this one most of all! My growing admiration isn’t so much because this planner is better than the others – though they have added some really neat features this season. I love it because I’ve really taken the time to review the tips and put them into practice. I believe the pictures I am sharing today prove Shari Braendel and her team know their subject matter well. Before I explain the photos, however, let me share a few more reasons why I love the planner.

  • Plaid! I can say with confidence that without the Closet Outfit Planner, plaid pants would not have entered my closet. With some expert nudging by Shari, though, I took the plunge and purchased a pair. I love them. Not only do they add some flair to my outfits, but the multiple colors of the plaid provide so many outfit options.
  • Color! Or, better stated, my colors. Style by Color provides a brief quiz that allows you to discover the clothing colors that best accentuate your hair, skin and eye shades. Again, teal is not a big color in my closet, nor is gray. On the other hand, black is bountiful in my wardrobe. The Color Quiz showed me that gray is a better staple than black, and that teal is a flattering shade for me.
  • And then there’s Shari’s bOd-X Shape System, a tool that helps you not only identify your personal body type, but also guides you in ways to flatter your frame. Which brings me to the next photos. I have worn the outfit in Picture A before, thinking it looked great. But it wasn’t the best for my body. By following Shari’s system, I was able to make a few adjustments and voila! A crisper, more flattering look.
Picture A
Picture B

Perhaps you have never had this experience, but I personally admit to spending $50 or more on clothing that sits in my closet because it just doesn’t look or fit right. The Closet Outfit Planner costs well under $50, and helps me “shop my closet” for outfits that really wear well. Grab one for yourself by following this link. And send us some photos of your new outfit discoveries!

Linda R. Maynard © January 2023

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