Friday Feature: Vincent House

Editor’s Note: We are excited to present another Friday Feature, this time with the Vincent House, a  ministry dedicated to the children and families of the Middlebury Neighborhood of Akron. Here at The Sublime Soiree, we love to explore and celebrate God’s invitations, as well as the people and organizations who keep passing His invitations along. The Vincent House is all about inviting neighbors to the table, and we are excited to introduce you to them!

The Vincent House will be holding their first annual fundraiser event next Friday, August 18, 2023. Keep reading our interview with Vincent House to learn more about the ministry and how to attend the event. What a great group!

What is the Vincent House and how did it start?

The Vincent House is a ministry of Citizens Akron Church that is dedicated to meeting the felt need of child care for families in our community, and to provide students of all ages with a safe space to become who God designed them to be and to behold His kingdom through his people.

Where is Vincent House located and who does it serve?

The Vincent House is located in the heart of the historic Middlebury Neighbrohood of Akron which is directly east of downtown. We primarily serve kids in the East cluster of Akron Public Schools. We have an intentional relationship with Mason CLC. 

What is the goal of Vincent House and how are you working to achieve that goal?

The goal of the Vincent House is to  become a neighborhood safe place and an afterschool program where kids and families alike are empowered to flourish. Investing in long term support, The Vincent House becomes a place where families are deeply supported and where students have space to learn, dream, play, and become.

We are working to achieve this goal through our 3 pillars:

1. Stabilizing Education 

  • Activity: In close partnership with Mason CLC, we will support students through consistent and engaging academic programming that uses focused activities to address existing educational gaps.   
  • Output: Improvements in academic achievements; student growth in self confidence that leads to increased motivation and initiative in pursuing long-term educational success.

2. Reimagining Play

  • Activity: Encouraging the consistent participation in structured recreational activities and free play as necessary to the emotional, social, cognitive and physical development of children. 
  • Output: Opportunities for children to shine in areas outside of the classroom; a heightened sense of pride and belonging and decreased truancy levels among the school population. 

3. Supporting Families

  • Activity: A gathering place that unifies families within the neighborhood to collectively advocate, educate and inspire one another. 
  • Output: A unified community of families continually supporting and caring for each other

What are the biggest challenges Vincent House has faced?

The biggest challenges we’ve faced are the challenges that face the whole neighborhood. Violence, disinvestment, and learned helplessness. 

What is the best surprise you have seen at Vincent House?

I should not be surprised by this but it’s incredible to see how God is strategically setting us up to accomplish the vision that he has given us. It’s incredible. 

You are having your first annual fundraiser for Vincent House on Friday, August 18th. Are people still able to purchase tickets?

Absolutely, we would love it if you come to our fundraiser to learn more about the Vincent House and see the space. 

How will this fundraiser help Vincent House better serve the community?

The funds raised at this event will go directly to programming that enables us to share the love of Jesus in word and deed. Here is a breakdown of how the funds from the fundraiser will be used: 

$25-covers the cost of one piece of sports equipment 

$50– covers the costs associated with one enrichment activity for all students 

$75– covers the cost of pizza at Mason CLC one day of sixth grade circles

$100– covers the cost of snacks for one week of programming

$150-covers the cost of a month of Rec night supplies

$200-covers field trip for the dream team

$300– covers the cost of a family dinner

$500-Snacks for two weeks of summer camps for 120 kids

How can people find out more about Vincent House?

They can visit

How can people contact Vincent House?

Through the website and by emailing


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