Glimpsing God’s Glory When the Going Gets Tough

Photo by Sebastien Gabriel on Unsplash

God is so good! This month we have been focusing on God’s goodness, and earlier this week, we shared about seeing God’s goodness through glimpses of His glory. We contemplated glimpsing God’s glory through our celebrations – like birthdays – and through little nuggets of His truth that He places in front of us right when we need it. Then, in true God fashion, He gave us another good reason to look for His magnificence – to encourage us when following Jesus gets hard.

We learned about this particular “glimpse” through a broadcast of Open the Bible, a teaching ministry of Pastor Colin Smith, senior pastor of The Orchard in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Pastor Smith taught about the Transfiguration, when the radiance of Jesus shone brightly on a mountaintop in the sight of His disciples, Peter, James and John. Smith pointed out that Christ’s Transfiguration occurred at a very pivotal time – right after Peter had rebuked Jesus for saying He must go away, and right before Jesus was arrested, sending His disciples running away in fear.

No matter how many times Jesus spoke of his impending arrest and death, the Gospels teach us that His disciples just could not comprehend it. Knowing what lie ahead for Himself and His disciples, He knew they needed to see beyond their circumstances. And that’s when He invited His closest circle to journey up the mountain with Him to pray, but also to see something far beyond this world.

There are so many nuggets in this Smith’s teaching that we’d love for you to take a listen yourself. To do that, simply click here. And if you’d like to read about other reasons to glimpse God’s glory, then please visit our blog here. Have a blessed and glory-filled Thanksgiving, everyone!

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