Breakfast Beverages, Our Brains and the Afterlife

How do you describe the smell of coffee? It depends on who you are. A scientist might outline the anatomy of ingesting and processing scents. A sommelier may break down the elements of aroma, flavor, acidity, body, and aftertaste. But if you’re just being you, uniquely designed you, defining the smell of coffee will be … Continue reading Breakfast Beverages, Our Brains and the Afterlife

Tune in Monday!

Join us for a 3 part interview with our friend & author Heather Holleman. This time, Heather will be posing the questions to us as we delve more deeply into hope amidst the harrowing. Tune in to our YouTube channel and social media pages this coming Monday!

Feature Friday First Glance

Join Linda and Sue as they speak with two wonderful ladies from First Glance in Akron, Ohio! Watch now -> If you are interested in the First Glance Auction please visit: vlog to inspire women to live free above the fray, by inviting them into a sublime soiree where we will celebrate Biblical … Continue reading Feature Friday First Glance