Moved to Marvel this Christmas

Have you ever thought of “awe” as a gift? In her recent book, The Six Conversations, author Heather Holleman says that “Awe involves marveling at something sacred, vast, supernatural, mysterious, and so beautiful you feel overcome by the thing you are thinking about or experiencing.” Awe is a breathtaking moment, and it’s benefits don’t stop … Continue reading Moved to Marvel this Christmas

Glimpsing God’s Glory When the Going Gets Tough

God is so good! This month we have been focusing on God’s goodness, and earlier this week, we shared about seeing God’s goodness through glimpses of His glory. We contemplated glimpsing God’s glory through our celebrations – like birthdays – and through little nuggets of His truth that He places in front of us right … Continue reading Glimpsing God’s Glory When the Going Gets Tough


Glimpse (glimps) -- a verb meaning to see something or someone for a very short time or only partly. She glimpsed a shape that looked like her lost pendant, but she couldn’t tell for certain. On Wednesday, we talked about capturing glimpses of God’s glory. Where are you personally catching partial views of His glory? … Continue reading Glimpse

Fall fun 🍂

Celebrating God’s Creation with our kids -- We’ve had so much fun collecting leaves, carving pumpkins, and reading T is for Thankful with our grandkids. What are some fun ways you connect with the littles in your life?