Soiree Secrets

Soiree Secret #1: Open the Invitation

The Gift I Most Want to Share

Years ago, I received a gift;
I clearly remember the day.
It’s something I hold very close
But would gladly give away!

The gift came from my Father;
He delivered it through His Son.
Its value is indescribable!
No gift can match it! Not one!

I regret that I’ve not shared sooner –
That I have yet to give it to you.
I fear that I have been stingy,
Passing it on to just a few.

But this year must be different!
This year I want you to hear
You and I share the same Father,
And He holds you very dear!

He made you with a special purpose;
No one else can fill your shoes.
He shares His design for you freely;
No need to pay penance or dues.

Just listen – that’s all He is asking –
With open ears, heart, and hands.
God wants to live with and through you,
And He created a perfect plan.

He sent His Son to dwell with us
And to teach us His life-giving way.
Then His Son went to the cross for us;
On Him the world’s sins were laid.

Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice;
He died on the cross for our sin.
But death did not hold him down long;
Jesus had the ultimate win!

And He grants that victory to us!
We simply open our hands to receive.
“Yes, Lord, I want Your gift of True Life;
In You I do believe!”

That’s how you obtain His gift, my friend,
The one I’ve so wanted to share!
I pass it on to you this day,
Wrapped in love and heartfelt prayer.

Would you like to open God’s invitation? Visit the link here to find out more.

— LR. Maynard © December 2019

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