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It’s Memorial Day Weekend!

It’s Memorial Day Weekend! In northeast Ohio that means Cleveland Orchestra concerts on the lawn at Blossom Music Center. How does music fit into your summer schedule?


Music is one of the first ways we communicate with our children — from lullabies, to teaching the alphabet and helping our children learn about Jesus. Here’s a little lullaby to sing over the little one in your life. Lullaby


TGIF! Are you headed to a movie tonight? Movie composer Hans Zimmer says that in movies, the vibe of the music leads to the emotion of the listener. When you watch your next movie, imagine there is no soundtrack. Wouldn’t the whole experience change? How Music Affects Film

May Video Update

Join us for our May monthly update! *Intro/ Outro SongMusic: Lovely PieceMusician: DaFox

Light Shining Principle #4

Light Shining Principle #4: Let the power flow through you “God will provide you with strength when you are tired, resolve when you have none and love to love others when your love tank is empty.” — Sue and Linda

Light Shining Principle #3

Light Shining Principle #3: Tap into the purifying power source “We can’t muster up loving and serving others without getting our internal illumination and help from the true source — Jesus Himself.” — Sue and Linda

Light Shining Principle #2

Light Shining Principle #2: Let God examine your heart “It can’t be light and dark in the same place, so ask God to examine your heart. Is there a sin you need to confess?” — Sue and Linda

Light Shining Principle #1

Light Shining Principle #1: Know that you have a purpose “God did not create anything without a purpose. If you’re breathing, you have a purpose. In Christ, you have something to offer the world. When God made you, He wired you in a certain way and uniquely shaped you for contribution.” — Pastor Rick Warren


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