When God meets you right where you are at 4:30 am

Oh friends,  do you ever find yourself up in the wee hours of the morning thinking processing mulling over various situations in your life?

Last night was one of those nights. Through a series of big events throughout the day I was restless. I finally pulled myself out of bed at almost 5 AM to get before the Lord. 

My heart was heavy with many things from that day and I really needed His wisdom and redirection to move on. 

Do you ever feel stuck in a situation? I was stuck. I stumbled upon a devotional that directed me to a verse that the Holy Spirit wanted me to see. I opened my Bible only to read Psalms 20:24 ERV (God stepped into my heart at my greatest time of need). The verse reads “He does not ignore those who need help. He does not hate them. He does not turn away from them. He listens for this cry of help”. The Holy Spirit told me indirectly yet clearly it was not my job to fix these situations. I just needed to listen. Listen to Him, listen to those involved in the situation and redirect my mind. 

Do you ever find yourself trying to manipulate a situation, fix it in your own power and find yourself completely overwhelmed? The reality is that only God is in the business of fixing. When I get overwhelmed God reminds me again and again that HE does not ignore those who need help.

Do you ever have times when you are processing where you just doubt God is working? I love how the Holy Spirit, as we sit with him, redirects our mind. God is ultimately acquainted with my struggles and He sees me. I must choose to surrender and fix my eyes on Him.

God will provide for all of my needs. It might look different than I imagined or even planned.  It may be downright ugly, but God will provide.

So today I redirect my mind. I surrender my concerns and I ask Him to direct my path.  I lay down my desire to fix, correct, manipulate, even change,  and I walk in His love and grace. I remember He loves me through every stage of my life — through messes, confusion and even my greatest needs.

Today I redirect and lay down the concerns of my heart, because He who is able is working. He is working in the unseen. He is working in me!

— S.M.L (c) March 3, 2021

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