A Tool for Blooming from the Inside Out

Monday, March 8th Linda and I interviewed Shari Braendel, Founder and Director of Fashion Meets Faith. It was a wonderful interview and if you have not yet watched it, please go back to our YouTube channel, The Sublime Soiree. She shared with our viewers information about the New Spring Closet Planner that was revealed on February 28th and is available for purchase. Trust me! You will want one!

I purchased the Fall Closet Planner, and it was a game changer. It really does save you time, money and makes getting dressed a breeze. It is based on your color code. (You can determine that by going to this web-site https://www.colorenalysis.com/index.html.) Once you have determined your best colors you can then go to the Spring Closet Planner and find wardrobe choices perfect for you! 

Fashion Meets Faith has given The Sublime Soiree an opportunity to share the Spring Closet Planner with you, and we are so excited to be able to offer it to you! Here are some of the great benefits:

  • It’s affordable – just $27! 
  • You will receive 27 recommendations for clothing pieces for all budget levels, including links to order!
  • The planner also includes an inventory checklist, color and trending patterns and outfit combinations.  

Click on the link below and get ready to create a spring wardrobe that is fun fabulous!


Sublime and free above the fashion fray,


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