Live Life to the Full this Summer!

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Summer is upon us and we are enjoying the beautiful weather here in Ohio. We at The Sublime Soiree believe that we only live one life — and it is forever. How we live this one life matters, and we can make the most of each day that God gives us breath in our lungs. Summer means many things to many people. For me it means a flexible schedule, extended patio time, bonfires, bike rides and even an occasional dip in the pool. It also means extended quiet time, hikes and a good book.

Photo by Brittney Weng on Unsplash

What brings you joy in the summer months? While you enjoy some of your own warm weather traditions, we want to encourage you to create and make new memories. Invite God into your everyday. Explore new ways to see Him. You might go through the Book of Psalms or read a new literary work. A couple of our recent favorites were Don’t Look Back by Christine Caine and Don’t Hold Back by David Platt. Maybe you could try the practice of journaling as a way to look back and remember. Take a vacation, camp with your kids or grandkids, visit a metro park – whatever you choose, utilize your activities to create one of a kind precious moments.

While we enjoy some of our own precious moments this summer, we will be pivoting just a bit on what we share. We will be looking at ways to invite Jesus into our everyday through the lens of our mission. We will explore Biblical truth, sharing some of our own soiree secrets – along with insights from some of our friends — and also seek some expert advice. As we do, let’s all ponder the following questions:

  • Do I invite God into my daily life?
  • Do I invite others in around me?
  • Am I transparent and vulnerable with others?
  • Psalm 90:12 says, “Teach us to number our days so that we may grow in wisdom.” So, let’s ask the Lord how He wants us to grow this summer.

Stayed tuned around the table as we continue to explore ways to experience life to the fullest this summer!

— Sue M. Lindsey, © June 2023

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